Spicing up my day

Well I named it spicing up my day because I finally bough some pumpkin spice! And I am very happy about it. As lame as it might sound I’m very excited to use it! But here is my ootd I’ll stop with my nonsense now!


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Blowing me away

So I’ve been pretty busy with schooling,homework,nursing stuff and it’s been draining my energy! I had to take a break from something in my life, and it just so happened to be my blog! But I’m back now and I have some cool ideas for the fall and winter! So I hope you bare with me and stick along!

So here is my OOTD. Since it’s getting kinda chilly I thought I’d get into the fall spirit and what colors remind us of fall? Red,orange and brown! But of course I don’t have orange or brown so I settled with red! But it’s no biggie cause who doesn’t like red? Such a bold pretty color! And rumors say (Don’t tell anyone I told ya this) but red is the one color that actually catches a guys attention! It’s been tested many times!

But here ya go!












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Prada and Planes

Hello beautiful people! So today I am doing another featured post! Which will hopefully be followed up by an ootd tomorrow! 

Today I feature the beautiful blog Prada and Planes!

She is fresh on the block and let me tell ya she gots it goin on! Her blog is just amaze-balls! She has amazing taste. She really does! I love her style is amazing. I loves it! But hey now guys if you didn’t get the hint from here name she is also a travel blog! Yaya cause who doesn’t love some fabulous pictures of places we dream to go? I do! That’s all I pretty much do when I get on my laptop! Her pictures are amazing. Especially for someone who just started! I mean really girl tell us your secret. What camera do you use? Help us! We need it! I dunno guys I’m really considering on interviewing her sometime soon! We’ll see! But I think she is an amazing blogger and welcome to the blogging world newbie! Hope you love the community! 

I have to say Ithink she is going too be an amazing blogger further down the road! I’m very excited.

If I were you guys I’d follow her blog, and social media outlets! Get yourself in the in with what’s happening with her blog! I know I followed her! Let’s see where blogging takes her shall we?

Check out her blog down below!


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Latest Trendy Outfits: Exclusively for Women

Women can certainly constantly don the actual ladies sneakers that’s best pair on her behalf knowing that furthermore properly befits the actual choosy fashion craze. Equally the growing season adjustments, consequently can fashion furthermore. And also, for this reason you might be continuously up-to-date and are provided with the newest fashionable and also the ideal brands of sneakers for ladies and other different fashion things in this article at this site.

With the completely new and also current stocks and shares and also newest brands of the actual recent rear foot boots, and a few various other fashion sneakers which might be ending up 7 days following 7 days, but the true azure fashion divas will in no way possibly be left behind the style bandwagons. Encouraged to this particular famous and also huge online webpage of numerous online women’s sneakers like the Manner Boot styles for ladies, exceptional rear foot boots, and other sorts of Can easily sneakers and also sneakers add-ons.

With all the ladies whom favor top quality clothes and also want to obtain immediate identification one of several fashion enthusiasts all over the world, here is the set of leading ladies clothes models which may be steeped upward in fashion to deliver the most recent and also the trendiest connected with stylish garments.


Chanel will be one in every of greatest bands inside the fashion entire world. Regarded one of several leading top notch fashion residences to the loaded plus the genuine famous. The idea becomes the particular rank symbolic representation to the exceptional audience. Gabrielle “coco” Chanel unveiled this kind of this particular language fashion house which has an eyesight to change opulent alluring portions using the ones that brought up everyday beauty. Chanel started to be famous for it is thus referred to as LSD only the actual famous “Little Black color Dress” for women.


This kind of Italian language Apparel manufacturer satisfies the particular stylish desires of fashion adherents, it’s deemed just about the most well-known fashion companies with ladies clothes. This kind of manufacturer stands out for the specific capabilities like simplicity, comfort and ease and also self-confidence. Prada possesses manufactured any level all over the world. Stars are typically observed flaunting custom made garments using this manufacturer.


Gucci will be the many Recognizable bands well-liked entire world. This kind of Italian language creator tag will be unusual with surrounding creator clothes products. Manner supporters swear because of the products connected with Gucci for gratification, cozy and also exceptional sort of custom made garments.



This kind of custom made tag makes most of the globe’s many preferred haute couture along with luxury prepared to support have on fashion. Dior have not just ignited the actual desire and also motivation while using the loaded by simply providing unusual complex women couture but has additionally presented an incredible competition toward various other recognized models inside the fashion entire world. It has recognized an average profile around the entire world and also proceeds with this


This kind of National Company created any level inside the fashion entire world by simply launching the top high quality custom made denims getting somebody to cook to ladies. This kind of manufacturer mainly enticed the actual teens for the high quality clothes and also add-ons and also the assortment relevant to support Gary by simply think of which precise the actual adolescent collection. Guess possesses one of the far better full price existences all over the world.


Versace stands out for the one of a kind garments for women. Acquiring creativeness in the reality is typically easily observed inside the garments that is generated by truth; this kind of idea will be what makes Versace along with its shoppers unique from the others. The particular creative designers are usually groundbreaking still wearable; it has utilized a person’s vision of fashion supporters everywhere.


Valentino is definitely about the leading bands well-liked entire world recognized for the custom made clothes for women of which illustrate boldness. The particular loaded and also the famous come with an exceptional loving toward this kind of manufacturer as the types and also groundbreaking masterpieces ideal go well with the actual rank.

Author Bio

Avil lives in UK and is an avid reader and blogger. Since her early years she’s had a passion for writing.  Her areas of interest are food, reviews (Book/Movie), Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and fitness. She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of Bahrain Visa.



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Dork’s Diary

So guys, new blogger on the block by the name of DorksDiary! She is like freshly pressed. And with only one post (as of this post). But I have too say she did a really good job in that one post. I don’t really like reading beauty reviews cause I’m not really a beauty type of person; but she really did capture my attention. I think she is going too be an amazing blogger further down the road! I’m very excited.

She hasn’t done any OOTDs yet but I have too say she looks like a person with a sense of style. If I were you guys I’d follow her blog, and social media outlets! Get yourself in the in with what’s happening with her blog! I know I followed her! Let’s see where blogging takes her shall we?

Check out her blog down below!


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Striped of all colors

Get the pun? Cause my blazer is striped and the only color in the outfit is blue and the others are like neutral colors. No? Okay…this isn’t awkward at all….

But back too the reason you probably came here! This is my OOTD. I was feeling casual but dressy. So I threw on a blazer on top of this black tank top I was wearing with my jeans. And of course what kinda of fashionista doesn’t have some type of heels? I threw in my wedges for a more dressy look! With some simple accessories too complement the whole outfit.

photo 3 photo(2) photo(4) photo(3) photo 2 photo 1

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The Hippie Vibes

Hey guys! So I don’t know if you already know from my twitter but I am hoping too move too blogger June 15, 2015! I’ve already gotten started just waiting for this domain too expire! I am excited so If you really wanted you could follow me on my other blog that I will be updated along with this one!


That one is going too have all the book reviews and stuff like that though. It’s going too be a fashion and life style blog and I am super excited! 

here’s the link make sure too follow if ya wanna! :)


Here’s my ootd though! 



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