Cake in a cup!

Okay guys ! I’ve decided to expand my blog into other categories and things and I actually tried a cooking recipe just for the blog!

I was pretty excited for it also I mean I really was!

So I don’t know if you’ve seen this anywhere but I’ve seen it a couple times on different apps and stuck and finally wanted to try it!

So here is the original recipe !


I don't like chocolate cake thought so I just removed the chocolate chips and cocoa !

You can add that in if you really wanted too though! But besides no chocolate I did everything exactly as told ! This is the results that I came up with.





It was really gross! It really was. I don’t know if it was cause I had a bigger mug and it may have needed more time, but it ended up really gross and sticky!

It also had a taste like if it were fake. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I honestly only took one. Bite and I was done. I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating it anymore!

So If you were ever wondering how it would try out and taste like you now know! If you try it still make sure too tell me the outcome in the comments below! Would love to see if it came better for you guys!

Also if there’s anything else you wanted me too try comment that below also!!

Kenwood mall!

Okay guys I went to the mall recently. But sadly my phone was half way dead! so I didnt get that great of pictures but I wanted to show you anyways what I had found!

I didn’t really get to go into alot of stores cause I was kinda in a rush (seems like I’m always in a rush when I go places now a days!)


but now that I’ve started school I’m gonna be slammed with more work but no worries! I’ll make my best effort to keep up to date when I can!

I hope you guys like the pictures I tried my best. I was literally walking while snapping pics! Crazy right?


































































They had a Disney store so naturally I went in, being the Disney obsessed person that I am!





















Aztec ootd remix

I love the background for this photoshoot I really do! I thought it was just awesome! I hope you like it too though! I mean I’m nothing without my readers! Even if it’s so little! 

Here it is though! 

So I bought a new pair of jeans from Kohls and was really excited to wear them! (they are super comfy!) and I thought what better then to show case them off at the mall? So I duh wore them !

Okay the sun was blasting in my eyes so bare with me here !







Tip Tuesday!

Hey what’s up guys ! I’ve missed two days in a row but you know what life happens! I’ll try and do better next time but keep on mind life does happen!

But since I’m starting school tomorrow I’ve got a little school kinda post going on ! Don’t worry though for all you twenty-something year olds I got the
regs post here too! Just with a little extra!





Outfit Of The Day with Polyvore!

So I recently started using this amazing app called Polyvore which I’m sure you guys have heard of. And instantly fell in love with it! I spent all night just making all kinds of outfits.

Of course they are outfits that I would actually wear no doubt! So for this ootd post I decided to give you more insight on my type of style!

Here it is!












Well I hope you guys liked then! Subscribe if ya wanna! :)

I am updated my blog soon! Lots of new things planned (; don’t forget to come back and check it out!

Flight girl fashion!

So guys I’ve recently discovered on Instagram this amazing blogger who goes by the name flight girl fashion!

When I was looking around her page. Well okay cyber stalking ( I really liked her pictures okay! Gosh) she is a travel and fashion blogger. Which makes sense to me since she is a flight attendant. Maybe they don’t stay in one place for long but having a job where you accompany others traveling sure would get me itching to get on the road!

I have to say the two things I obsessed mostly on her insta was her pictures. I don’t know who takes her pictures but they are a professional I mean they have to be that’s the only explanation! I love her photos they are really amazing just perfect the backgrounds she picks are awesomeeee! I don’t know guys.. I mean it’s just her pictures.. I’ll let you see for yourself!




See? Just fabulous! Perfect timing for the one where see is walking her dog I mean really don’t you see? But back to the person herself. Let’s go onto her style! I just connected with her sense of style automatically I mean seriously I loveeeeeeed it! Her are some that really caught my attention







See what I mean? Just awesome!
If you wanna check her out you can go to her blog